Indian Removal Act Essay

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Scholarship, Service, Character, and Leadership are all characteristics of a National Honor Society member. I believe I possess all of these characteristics and should be awarded the honor of becoming a member of NHS. The first characteristic, Scholarship, is best defined in my own words as the academic standings of a particular student. It’s required of a student to keep an average of 90% to maintain membership. I have an accumulative average of 97% to 98% and have made high honors both first and second quarters. The next characteristic is service. Service is any contributions made to a community, without receiving any accommodations for the time spent. I provide many services to my community, without receiving anything more than gratitude. The services I have provided are help with vacation Bible school for the First United Methodist Church of Jermyn. Most of my more notable services are through William Walker Hose Company in Mayfield. There I am a Junior Firefighter and active member. I help set up and run the main picnic which is the annual Corn and Clam Slam. I also help with all the gun raffles, hoagie sales and fish dinners, and all other events. The final service I provide through William Walker Hose Company is working Rehab for fire calls. The third characteristic is character; I define character as doing what’s right for the sake of it instead of it being what someone is told to do. I am a very honest person, possess much responsibility,