Indian Removel Act Essay

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…the removal of the Indian tribes from the lands which they now occupy within the limits of the several states and territories is of …high importance to our Union, and may be accomplished in a manner to promote the interest and happiness of those tribes…For the removal of the tribes within the limits of the State of Georgia the motive has been peculiarly strong. The removal of [these] tribes…would not only shield them from impending ruin, but promote their welfare and happiness…[If this doesn't happen] their degradation and extermination will be inevitable.

I informed the Indians inhabiting parts of Georgia and Alabama that their attempt would not be [accepted] by me, and advised them to emigrate (move) beyond the Mississippi River…

As a means to effecting this end, I suggest…setting apart an ample district west of the Mississippi to be guaranteed to the Indian tribes as long as they shall occupy it.

To the honorable…Senate and House of Representatives of the United States…

This is the land of our nativity, and the land of our birth. We cannot consent to abandon it for another far inferior, and which holds out for us no inducements. We do, moreover, protest against the…measures of our neighbors, the state of Georgia, in her attempt to extend her laws over us…in direct opposition to treaties of the United States. To protect us from these encroachments upon [our] rights, we earnestly pray [you].

…the President of the United States [may] cause…territory belonging to the United States, west of the river Mississippi…to be divided into a suitable number of districts, for the reception of such tribes or nations of Indians as may choose to exchange the lands where