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10 bands, council of 44… 4 important people in each band. Structure. 1. Northern Cheyenne - Eaters, omisis, great hunters, they’ll eat anything, largest group up north. 2. Burnt Aorta (Heviqsnipahis) - Roasted aorta, buffalo aorta, dried out bison heart used as a pipe. Women sit with feet facing left, women are most modest (burme order) (Sioux close to Cheyanne). 3. Hair Rope Men – make rope from horsehair, rather than rawhide. Black Hills… ended up in the southern plains. 4. Original Hairoteman (Scabby or Scabbies) – Developed skin condition using mangy buffalo hide as a saddle blanket. Originally kindred with the Hair Rope Band. Relocated to Colorado. 5. Ridge Men – Offshoot of Hair Rope Men, developed a preference for living in the “ridge country”. 6. Sutai – Absorbed by Cheyenne in late 18th century 7. Sioux-eaters – Those Who Eat w/ the Sioux. An incorporated group of Sioux into the Cheyenne tribe. 8. Grey Hair – Fixed legs, said to have a large proportion of children with grey hair. 9. Prognathous Jaws (big jaws) – Deer dance, war path.
Masscam (Animal dance) – Arrow Keepers, ancient way of relating to animals 10. Poor – haunowa, origin of name is unknown
Additional Notes: Sioux – Tai – Either persecuted, some group has them on the run, encroachment by other tribes taking their food causing them to go hungry, taking of their supplies. Sioux eaters (Northern Cheyanne) Fought together and ate together. 10 other bands: 1. Kickapoo 2. Winnebago 3. Blackfoot 4. Sioux 5. Arapaho 6. Kiowa 7. Lakota 8. Herron 9. Iroquois 10. Chippewa

11. Runners (Town Crier) – Cheyenne 12. Bands stop in center and smoke in 4 directions, Sacred 4 (north, south, east, west), 4 sacred number. 13. Plains lodge – Plains Tipi, 4 or 3 poles 14. Small Teepee – 11 cowhides, 15. Large – 21 cowhides 16. Females had awls, flechette (material culture) 17. Describe material culture, hair ropes, quill work, hyde paintings, bows, arrows, medicine hat. 18. Describe Cheyenne Law – kill another Cheyenne you are excommunicated (just as good as dead) (#15) a. Describe Council of 44 – council of chiefs, four chiefs from each of the 10 Cheyenne bands, plus 4 principal or “Old Man” chiefs who previously served on the council with distinction. 19. What are quillers? Cheyenne Women that extract quills from porcupines and prepare them for embroidering. They dye them with different colors, flatten them with their teeth.