Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders Essay example

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EDC 2200 Indigenous studies
Assignment 1 1500 words

Introduction 100 – 150 words
Background eg a sentence to give the reader what the essay is about.
Roadmap of whats in the body of essay.
Demonstrate an argument.
Example intro:
Colonisation has impacted profoundly on indigenous communities worldwide and this essays examines and details some of those impacts.
Initially, the concept of colonisation will be explained, including the forces that were driving the colonisation and the usual ways it was achieved. At a general level, the ideologies underpinning the colonisers’ interactions with indigenous peoples will also be described. A comparison will then be made between the experiences of colonisation for Aboriginal peoples
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Began to hunt introduced invading animals including sheep and cattle. Frontier video.1830-1860
British subjects and therefore must not be shot – official policy…..1830

Slavery, child and adult – the 1897 act did not regulate or condemn child slavery. Something like slavery? Shirley Robinson 2008North melboure Victoria, Australian Schorlary Publishing.
Sovereignty in the forms of a treaty or self governance are yet to be reached for Aboriginal Australians. Telling the truth about Aboriginal history Bain Attwood 2005 nsw Allen and Unwin
Massacres – during the first 50 years of settlement.
Terra nullius reference – aboriginal sovereighty ferelctions on race, state and nation henry Reynolds 1996 allen and unwin nsw court demolished terra nullius claim but not in regards to sovereignty
WHEN THE FIRST Christian missionary appointed to work amongAustralian Aborigines arrived in Sydney in 1821, thirty-three yearsof white settlement had already elapsed – one blood john harris 1990 Albatross Books Ply Ltd

In 1819, two years before the first missionary arrived, theRev. Samuel Marsden, Senior Chaplain of New South