Essay on Indigenous ways Persuasive

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Brendan Cashman

I believe that indigenous sacred ways cannot run hand in hand with new modern ways. Since it appears that our new age of living is heading in the direction where everything is technology based, I do not think they can run hand in hand.
WIth so many people living in the world there is no way to conserve natural habitats. Instead we have to tear them down to create more room for the growing amount of people in the world. Indigenous people always felt that we came from the earth and that we have to respect the earth. Right here we already have a conflict between the old ways and new ways.
Another reason why the new ways will never work with the old is because of technology. If we start using old ideas we might fall behind. Since we are so technology dependent it would not be a smart idea to start going backwards back into time. Also since we have become so dependent on our technology, a switch would be a drastic change. People would be unable to even live because for most of their life they have relied on technology doing things for them. For instance even the most simple thing such as a refrigerator is essential to a person's everyday survival. Most people do not realize how dependent our society is on something that is so simple.
Indigenous ways will not be able to survive with our more modern ways. Those were just a few examples of how the two ways of living will not work. As the world has progressed so