Biography Of Indira Gandhi: Uncovered

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Gandhi: Uncovered

Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi was born to Jawaharlal Nehru and Kamala Nehru on November 19th 1917. Ms. Gandhi was a Hindu living in India where she was born. She was extremely close with her father because her father was mostly sick and not with her father and her. Even at a young age she wanted to fight the British. She was in the Monkey Brigade which was a club in which they sent messages to the people fighting the British. Indira was a smart girl; she graduated a Visva-Bharati University and surprisingly went to Oxford University, one of the top university’s in the world but, did not get her degree. Indira returned to India. In 1938 she was voted onto the National Congress party and spread her ideas. Ms. Gandhi wanted things to be run differently in India. Sadly, her ill mother died from tuberculoses in 1936 but, in 1942 Indira found the love of her life, Feroze Gandhi who was a lawyer also in her party. They had two boys together named Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi. After a bit, they were arrested by the British and spent 13 years in prison.

Then in 1947 a happy thing happened, India won its independence. Her father became president and she became his hostess, helped him with his national problems and went with him on trips. She did many different types of jobs but all in government. In 1955 she became the executive body of the Congress party and in 1959 she became president of the party for only one year. Also during the year 1962 there was a Chinese-Indian border she helped with the civil defence activities.

In May of 1964 her father died a natural death and she became minister of information. When Shastri, the ruler to replace her father died she became president. This happened in January 1966 and was elected to a 5 year term by the parliament members of the dominant Congress party. First Indira got rid of all the old people in parliament and replaced them with younger workers. She led her party to an easy victory in the elections of 1971 but in 1975 she was convicted to a minor infraction in the elections of 1971 but nothing big happened. Gandhi called a general election in the year 1977 in March and was voted off of parliament but her Congress party lost. Indira Gandhi came back in January 1980. Ms. Gandhi was heartbroken when her younger son was killed in a plane crash in 1980. She made sure she took more care of the son she had.

She became one of the worst people in June 1984 during Operation Blue Star when this crazy woman ordered the Indian Army to attack the Golden Temple. The Golden Temple is a very important temple to the Sikhs. This resulted in religious artifacts and historical building being burnt and destroyed. Of course Sikhs were not going to sit down and watch their temples being burnt down so they all fought and were sadly, killed.

This continued for exactly 4 days in Delhi and other parts of India. In this time mobs of other cultures in India would come with