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SR-rm-022 Part 2
Eric Raymond
October 8, 2012
Joe Langdon

SR-rm-022 Part 2 The purpose of this paper is to describe the design of the proposed new HR system for Riordan Manufacturing, a company that specializes in the field of plastic injection molding, to replace their current system called HRIS. Hugh McCauly, COO of Riordan Manufacturing, has published Service Request SR-rm-022 which states that the company “would like to take advantage of a more sophisticated, state-of-the art, information systems technology” in their Human Resources department. Using the SDLC process, a project implementation plan will be created to upgrade Riordan Manufacturing’s Human Resources system to a new system that will centralize their data into one location and simplify the many processes that are in place today.
Application Architecture A third party system that includes a CRM will be used so that support for the architecture can be easily provided by the third party company. A modular approach will be used to design the new HR application which will include modules for each process currently in place in today’s system. Currently, the different systems in place keeps track of dates of employment, pay information, vacation and time off, and tax information through the use of Excel spreadsheets. The proposed system will centralize the data which will also improve security. The proposed modules for the HR system will include the following as listed on the Riordan Manufacturing Intranet site… ▪ Personal information (such as name, address, marital status, birth date, etc.) ▪ Pay rate ▪ Personal exemptions for tax purposes ▪ Hire date ▪ Seniority date (which is sometimes different than the hire date) ▪ Organizational information (department for budget purposes, manager's name, etc.) ▪ Vacation hours (for non-exempt employees) Each module will have a security level assigned to it and each log in credential will also have the same security levels assigned to correspond with the module’s security code. There will be 3 different levels of access that can be applied to each login credential. The security levels will distinguish between Administrators, Data Entry users, and End users. The web interface will be slightly different for each security level which will offer or limit the options that are available. A product such as SAP ERP suite will fulfill Riordan Manufacturing’s needs completely with the benefit of increased scalability. The following flowchart demonstrates how this works in only the new HR system…

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) backbone of SAP will provide everything needed for Human Resources Management and will allow the company to use other SAP applications for their other departments such as finance and accounting. This will ensure that all of the systems in the company will be compatible with each other. The ERP backbone will also allow Riordan Manufacturing to take advantage of advance storage technologies such as cloud storage which could be used as a back up of data. This architecture will also allow for mobile applications and will communicate with the Financials and CRM suites of SAP. Compatibility is very important since Riordan Manufacturing is looking to improve all of the systems throughout the company as well.
System Requirements In order to use SAP technology, all of the computer systems in the company will need to run on at least a 32-bit platform so that means they will all need to be using the Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or 7 with Internet Explorer 8 or higher. Or they could also use Apple computers running MAC OS X 10.6 or higher with Safari. To ensure compatibility and to make sure the systems will not need upgrading or replacing for a long time, it is recommended that all of the computers be upgraded to systems with quad-core Intel processors and Windows 7 as the operating system, SAP (2012). Also, all systems