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Project Scope and Stakeholders Riordan Manufacturing Chief Operating Officer, Hugh McCauley, is interested in developing more sophisticated, state-of-the art, information systems technology for the human resources department. The idea behind this upgrade is to integrate the existing variety of human resources tools that Riordan Manufacturing utilized each day, into a single integrated application. The Chief Operating Officer would like to see the new integrated applications being utilized by the human resources department by the second quarter of next year. This means that the integration process must begin very quickly.
Gathering Requirements The key stakeholders are going to be the human resources department located at the Corporate Headquarters in San Jose. Furthermore, the ten Information Technology professionals from the headquarters to the different field locations will also be very important to the planning phase. The two sections will need to speak together about what is done and what will need to be integrated into which systems for the most optimal outcome. There have been other global companies that are headquartered in the United States of America, the largest with some of the same requirements was the United States Air Force when they did this in 2003. Once the two departments have spoken, the department head for both the Information Technology department and the Human Resources Department will need to take the results and speak with the two programmer analysts to find out what portions of the system will be need to be worked on in order to integrate the systems into one. Since the processes to do this is not proprietary, the lessons learned from the United States Air Force can now be used to aid in the programing and integration phase of the System Development Life cycle
Project Feasibility Riordan Manufacturing is not the only company that has set out to accomplish this task. In fact, there are many other examples of businesses that have successfully modified their human resources departments to utilize state-of-the art, technology into one integrated application. Again with the example of the United States…