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Individual Assignment When it comes to management there are various types of managers that have a variety of different functions. In this course we will be focusing on project management. With project management there are a few different approaches to organizing the project team. These approaches include functional, matrix, and dedicated when it comes to project management. Each of these types of approaches has their advantages and disadvantages.
“One approach to organizing projects is to simply manage them within the existing functional hierarchy of the organization.” (Larson & Gray, p. 68) Some of the major advantages of this type of approach include no change, flexibility, in-depth expertise, and easy post-project transition. While these are major advantages to this type of process there are also some disadvantages. This includes lack of focus because the different departments may have different urgency of the project. Poor integration can occur between the different departments of the project. This approach is also is also slower and takes longer to complete projects. There can also be a lack of ownership because the people involved can see the project as not being career advancing.
“The matrix structure is designed to optimally utilize resources by having individuals work on multiple projects as well as being capable of performing normal functional duties. At the same time, the matrix approach attempts to achieve greater integration by creating and legitimizing the authority of a project manager.” (Larson & Gray, p. 68) The next organization approach is the matrix approach. The main advantages of this approach is that is it efficient, it is very strong project focus, there is easier post-project transition, and it is also flexible. Some of the main disadvantages include dysfunctional conflict where there is conflict between functional & project managers. Also with this type of approach there can be infighting between the project team and this is a cause for the situation to be more stressful. This approach is also slow due to decision making taking longer time.
Dedicated project teams “…operate as separate units from the rest of the parent organization. Usually a full-time project manager is designated to pull together a core