Ethical And Diversity Proposal To Improve The HRM Planning Process

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A Business Proposal to Make Ethical and Diversity Considerations to Improve the Strategic HRM Planning Process.

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Jane Doe
HR Director
ABC Restaurant & Pub

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Personnel Director
ABC Restaurant & Pub

December 24, 2012

ABC’s Restaurant & Pub

Ethical and Diversity Considerations to Improve the Strategic HRM Planning Process.

I have gathered information over the last five weeks about department policies and best practices pertaining to ethical and diversity considerations. Based on these findings, the following proposal is presented to improve the strategic planning process.
Diversity and ethics are buzzwords and are used frequently around the workplace. There are areas within
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Diverse ideas can lead to an increase in creativity, innovation, and productivity.
Ethical Consideration Currently, we are a company with a high-turnover rate, in an industry with a high-turnover rate. Over time application of our promotion policies have slowly diminished. Employee reviews are not conducted within a specified timeframe, if at all. Qualifications for promotions are not specific. Employees have different perspectives on performance expectations. It is critical for the promotion process to be fair, transparent, and systematic (Buzz, 2012). Not only is this illegal and can lead to discrimination claims but it is unfair and not motivating for the employees. I believe it is important for the strategic management planning process to implement fair and concise promotion processes because it is the key to advancing and retaining good employees. Retaining good employees leads to an increase in motivation and productivity.

Proposed Action
The first step is to publicize promotional openings so every employee is aware of advancement opportunities. Making this information available to everyone limits discrimination claims. The second step is to implement a strict employee review program. It is recommended to have a midyear meeting as well as an end of year review. The midyear meeting can address any issues or opportunities. Issues should be addressed regularly