Individual Assignment Kimura KK Essay

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Ricky Bailey
Prof. Newman
Individual Assignment: Kimura KK

What went wrong? Pramtex acted unintelligently in a number of ways in their dealings with Kimura KK. The fundamental flaw that caused the deal to sour was that Pramtex failed to develop an adequate customer relationship with Kimura KK. Kimura KK intended to be treated with the care and devotion of their other suppliers, but instead they were treated with unprofessionalism and poor customer service following an equipment breakdown. The Pramtex Spartacus was perceived as a pinnacle of design, luxury, and ingenuity. Considering the magnitude of the deal with Kimura KK and its significance towards landing other high-profile contracts, Pramtex doubly screwed up, in regards to unprofessionalism and jeopardizing future business. Specifically, Pramtex jeopardized future business when John didn’t call with the new quotation and, when eventually one of the Spartacus models failed, Pramtex was quick to shift the responsibilities to a third entity. This served to relieve Pramtex of undesirable stress, but it also led to a distancing of themselves from Kimura KK, which is the exact opposite route than the one they should’ve taken.

Possible solutions? Above all else, Pramtex should have paid closer attention to Kimura KK’s wants and needs. Aside from the obvious that they should have given greater care to Kimura KK just based on the principle of good service, it would have further been to their benefit