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LDR 6120 Creating Leadership Capacity: Developing Bench Strength
Development Plan

Prepared By: Xiaonan(Peggy)Li
My Learning Partners are:
Yuting Huang, Chuqing Yang, Qian Cui, Vivian

Table of Contents
Part I
Section 1: My Previous Work Experiences And My Learning Partners. 1
Section 2: The Picture of Future: Aspirational Career Goal 1
Section 3: Competency Assessment Summary Sheet 1
Section 4: Learning Plan Proposal: An Action Plan 4
Section 5: Obstacles and Time Outline of Meeting 6
Part II
Reference 7

Section 1: My Previous Work Experiences And My Learning Partners.
I worked as a consultant in a company and as a teacher assistant in a professional college. In the undergraduate program, I was a leader in the college Debate Team. My assigned learning buddies are Yuting Huang and Chuqing Yang. Also, I have requested another two friends to process this assessment. One friend is my previous co-worker, Qian Cui. The other is my friend from another class, Vivian.
Section 2: The Picture of Future: Aspirational Career Goal
If it were five years from now, I guess I would be a group leader in the big company. I can imagine that most people around me are full of experiences with relative skills, such as negotiation, marketing and product designing. They are all intelligent and creative. In daily work, I would focus on the schedule of team projects, business meetings and the process of evaluations for every team member. I believe that my skills most used would be problem-solving, the decision-making process, situation analyzing, and the innovative perspectives.
Section 3: Competency Assessment Summary Sheet
My Strengths
1. My learning styles are Information Learner (8) and People Learner (4), according to “Learning Style Description”.
2. Performing high integrity and honesty (Assessment by Zenger and Folkman, 2009). I walk my words.
3. Practicing self-development. I seek for feedbacks and improve myself.
4. Aggressively pursuing the completion of all assignments and meet requirement.
5. Communicating powerful and prolifically. I encourage people all the time.
6. Collaboration and teamwork. I work well with members and contribute my efforts.
My Development Opportunities (Weakness)
1. I am not likely a person that is goal-oriented learner (Action Learner Style, p. 2).
2. The ability of problem solving and decisions.
3. Innovative competence.
4. Skills of translating the objective into meaningful goals for others.
To Be Successful In My Role, These Competencies Are Most Critical
1. The competence of giving feedback. Giving or receiving feedback helps to improve the team performance (Giving Feedback, p.1). Good feedback can motivate members. Therefore, feedback skills are necessary.
2. The character of displaying integrity and honesty. Take the example of Enron. The company’s CEO, Ken Lay, kept the financial problems as a secret and ignored suggestions from a financial consultant (May, 2013, p. 88). Enron finally bankrupted and lost credits from others. Leaders have to be honest with the internal employees and perform with integrity; otherwise the reputation is hard to restore.
3. The ability of creation: It is impossible for a leader to know all knowledge of the relative field, but it is possible for a leader to guide, creatively, employees to seek the right answers (Marquardt, 2007, p. 92). So, creation is not only involved in methods process, but also as a powerful tool to encourage breakthrough thinking.
4. The competency of quick decisions: As the famous case of Trolley Problem, decision-makers always meet ethical dilemma. Knowing the methods to make decisions is critical, such as justice and mercy. As White (1991) argues, an intelligent leader will make a full analysis embracing two methods to make decisions (p. 8).
5. Social responsibility and flexible strategies: It is significant for leaders to develop strategically as situations continually change. Reputation is benefited from it. For example, both