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Culture varies tremendously, the characteristics of one’s culture and my own can be so different that some facets I see are almost frowned up; such as the way women are seen in Islamic culture. Muslim women are vastly depreciated. It is seen in Islamic culture that women are treated as ventriloquist dummies; they are told how to behave, speak and to create this illusion that is expected of them by the Quran. I have done my research on what is considered “acceptable” treatment for women in Islamic culture. Why is it okay for a man to beat his wife in Islam? Is it because the Qur’an permits him to do such an atrocity? Within my research I did come to terms with the fact that such beliefs have a strong foundation but my question is why is it okay to belittle an individual based on their gender? Has discrimination not subsided? It is all perception, the way a person views the world will determine what is right and what is wrong. Someone’s mere opinion can/will spread and it will deceive others into believing what in definite is right and what in definite is wrong. Aside from the Islamic view on women, what else is there to the individual and society in Islam?

What defines culture, individuality and society?
What exactly is culture? According to anthropologists culture is defined as human behaviorisms that are taught within specific beliefs. As people we possess the quality of individuality while being members of society. Does this mean that we essentially are not individuals? Are we just members of society that follow through on expectations? That is what my research is on, finding the true reasoning and justification as to why women are mistreated in certain cultures where as Americans treat women as equals. Initially I needed to know what differentiates an individual and society. What make a person an individual are his or her cultural background, religious beliefs, and things such as personal interests. What makes individuals members of society are aspects of our lives that are followed through; for example, attending an institution of higher education or being a team player on a sports team. In a way, it does seem to overlap, doesn’t it? We are individuals because we choose to follow a certain culture but within in that culture are many others with the same mentality.
The Philosophy behind the Islam
Islamic have certain concerns for the family of men and women. They do not believe in just a single right, one duty, or equal punishment for men and women. Everything is distributed accordingly to your gender. Specific rights, duties and punishments are given to the man as specific rights, duties, and punishments are given to the woman (The Human Status of Woman in the Quran). What does the Qur’an hold against women?
I started the research on how women were being seen and portrayed as in Islamic cultures. Research all lead to the Qur’an, which is the Islamic collection of beliefs. It holds what is right and what is wrong and history. “It explains the secrets of the creation of the earth and the sky, plants, animals and mankind, and the secret of life and death greatness and suffering, growth and decline, wealth and poverty. The Qur’an is not a treatise on philosophy, but it has explicitly expressed its views concerning the three basic topics of philosophy: the universe, mankind and society” (The Human Status of Woman in the Quran). The Qur’an states that women were created from men; that without man there will be no woman. It believes that Adam was only inveigled because of Eve that there was no snake and Satan was incapable of getting through to man directly. According to the Qur’an women are the in themselves the existence of sin and temptation. It is almost as if the Qur’an has wiped away all possibilities of men’s fallacies. Women are portrayed as small devils. (The Human Status of Woman in the Quran). A lot of the belief behind the Qur’an has been severely stretched. Women are seen as