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Faculty of Health, Care and Early Years

Edexcel BTEC L3 90-credit Diploma in Health and Social Care


Course Handbook

2012 – 2013

What can you expect of us?

We will provide you with excellent teaching to guide you towards your success. We will do this by creating varied learning opportunities for you to engage in using different teaching methods. We will vary our teaching styles and resources to support your different learning styles. If we feel you need additional support or an assessment of your learning needs, then we will refer you to the necessary support team. Your Personal Tutor will meet with you to develop your Individual Learning Plan (ILP), review your progress and to help you focus on what you need to do in order to improve.

What do we expect of you?

We expect you to be committed to learning and to developing your skills, knowledge and personal qualities in order to progress towards a good job and a great future! In order to achieve your potential, you will need to attend all of your classes and be on time; and to submit all your assignments by the deadlines set. You will need to come to your classes prepared to engage in the learning being offered and show a strong commitment to your education. You will need to keep in regular contact with your Personal Tutor especially if you are experiencing problems. We expect you to behave appropriately at all times and to show respect to all college staff, fellow learners and property.

Achieving success

You have been offered a place on the course because the course team believes that you are capable of meeting the demands of the programme. Whilst you are on this course you will receive help and advice on how to study and how to organise your work, along with a free Study Guide provided by Edexcel. You must remember that your success depends upon you and your commitment to your education.

Planning your week and managing your time

You are required to be in college for three days a week. It is expected that you will use the remaining two week days to work on assignments, undertake research and prepare your course work for submission. It is part of your personal development to manage your time effectively in order to be able to achieve your qualification.

You should make good use of the college library, your own local library and the college ILT centre. There may be times when you will need to work out in the community gathering research and these support services can be essential to enable you to meet your deadlines.


The purpose of assessment is to determine whether you have met the criteria for the award and to provide a record of achievement.

Assessment is criteria based. Each criteria determines the evidence required and links back to the specific unit content. Following the assessment of a completed unit, unit grades can be awarded as follows:

• For a Pass, learners must achieve all pass criteria • For a Merit, learners must achieve all pass and merit criteria • For a Distinction, learners must achieve all pass, all merit and all distinction criteria

All learners will be issued with an assignment planner that is broken down into terms. This will show you both the issue date and collection date for all your assignments. You will also need to remember:

• Work handed in by the deadline will be eligible for the award of all grades. • Assignments will be given out in the lesson. • If referred work is not resubmitted within two weeks, the initial points awarded will go forward to moderation. • If you are unhappy about the feedback on your work or do not understand what you need to do to improve, speak to your Unit Tutor for guidance. • If you have any concerns about your marks or your grades you should speak to your Personal Tutor who will explain to you what to do and if necessary how to appeal against an internal