Individual Learning Preferences Essay

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Individual Learning Preferences

My strongest dimension on the personality spectrum is Intrapersonal. As I have reviewed the pathway to learning, I can really relate to the outcome. I scored very high with Intrapersonal realizing I always need quiet time to think and I’m always thinking about my issues before I talk to anyone about them. I was taught to think before you speak so what you’re stating will come out correct and not mislead. Most of all I know what I want out of life, therefore I must work on self-improvement so my goal can be achieved and accomplished. My next high rate was Interpersonal. Friends, family and co-workers come to me all the time to help settle conflicts and get my view on personal issues that they are going through. Just sometimes being there for people, just to give a listening ear, which I don’t mind helping people, by sharing different issues. It helps me to grown and learn as well.
Each practice reinforced or contradicted something about me. Example, for contradicting in Intrapersonal it states I prefer to work on projects alone. This is true, I do like working alone on some things and Interpersonal states I like during a project with other people. I don’t mind working with people because it allows you to learn different ways of doing things but I really prefer having my alone time. After evaluating each practice, my personality can apply to at least one out of the eight personalities, my least is Naturalistic. I’m not a