Comparison And Contrast Of Two States Job Training Programs

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Running Head: Comparison and Contrast of Two States Job Training Program 1

Comparison and Contrast of Two States Job Training Programs
(Louisiana and Hawaii)
Federal/State Job Training Program (IE 587)
11 November 2012

Running Head: Comparison and Contrast of Two States Job Training Program 1

Comparison and Contrast of Two States Job Training Programs
(Louisiana and Hawaii)

Running Head: Two states Job Training Programs 2
This paper examined and discussed the comparison and contrast of two job training programs. Certified Nursing Assistant training program for the state of Louisiana and Hawaii will be discussed. The findings of this research paper will discuss employment outlook in the future.

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Certified nursing assistant are the major bedside caregivers in nursing homes. They perform vital function in states long-term healthcare programs. CNA need for greater autonomy and innovation, and the need for the work environment to change dramatically in the area of human resource management. Despite the evolving popularity of home-based and community-based services, nursing homes will always be needed. One of the greatest challenges facing the long-term care (LTC) industry is maintaining an adequate workforce (Fitzpatrick, 2002). The majority of care received by nursing homes residents is from Certified Nursing Assistant. The 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act mandates that CNA’s receive the minimum of 75 hours of training and the Federal regulation requires that training programs include 16 hours of clinical hands on training (AARP, 2006). This paper will discuss the comparison and contrast the state of Louisiana and Hawaii certified nursing assistant training program.
The purpose of Louisiana and Hawaii CNA training program is to help patients with Assistant of Daily Living (ADL). In addition to these tasks they are responsible for vital signs, preparing and cleaning rooms and equipment.
The state of Louisiana exam contains two sections a written test that show knowledge of the protocol and the skills test that test the ability to practice clinically. In the state of Hawaii their test is administered by the American Red Cross it also has two sections ,but the skilled test must be passed before the written or oral test is taken. In the state of Hawaii the total of the written and skills test equal up to $270.00 and in Louisiana the cost is $96.00. After the test is taken the candidates has to wait two weeks for the results.
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In the state of Louisiana a high school diploma or GED is recommended but not require. The training consists of at least 100 hours of instruction that is divided between the classroom and clinical training. This program will cost the candidate around $750 and most of the classes take a month to complete. These courses are offered by high schools, vocational programs, technical institutes and adult education institution through the state. In Hawaii all candidates must complete a course approved by the State Department of Human Services and only those programs are acceptable. In Hawaii the training courses are eight weeks and cost $1190.00. The first six weeks are classroom training lectures and the last two weeks of the course are in the clinical setting.
In Hawaii 5,000 CNA’s were employed and over 3,000 of them working in Honolulu. In Louisiana there were nearly 24,000 CNA’s employed throughout Louisiana working in nursing homes, hospitals and as private sitters. In both states any where there is a medical facility for long-term care CNA’s are needed. The job outlook for a Certified Nursing Assistant is expected to grow 28% between 2006 and 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, This projected growth is much faster than the average for all occupations. Growth is