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Sung Min Park
December 6, 2013
IST 110
Prof. Brown
Individual Paper So far in IST, I have learned lots of important ideas like history of computers, css sheets and etc. I have also learned how to edit html by using Microsoft expression. It is very important in the future, that I can use it to bring up a website. I also loved that we work as a group present our topic. The part of the lesson was to make sure the html and css sheet were fixed and put together a website to represent the product and the diagram was explained in many details. The project was a good start to work together in order to get a good grade and it also help us to socialize other people in the group. In the lesson, we have also learned that computers are broken down into several parts that each function is able to do in order to work. I know that the CD disk is made up different colors that the case can read in the computer in order to play it. In the discussion forum, I have discuss many question and read the article on the web site. It also helps us that we can talk about the world and technology. For the project, as a group, we were split into five parts in order to figure out the next step. We have also research information on our topic. Our topic was E-commerce, and it is a commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet. Roshini did the research of history of E-commerce, Abigail research Stocks trade, Demetrius research online shopping, and finally I research PayPal which is paying stuff online. Mike did the website and organizing all the parts in our research. We send him all the parts so that he can paste it in and being creative with the website. The title of the website is gone phishing, mike came up with it. The name was kind of weird but it a start to our project. After we send him the research, we have to type our parts for the team report so that we can put it together can make a least four pages or something. After we have finished it, then we can do our own individual paper which is the overall review of the group project. Finally, after we have done the individual paper, we have to send it on angel to our professor so that he can see it. In the meanwhile, we have to discuss the part in the presentation in order get it over with. We present it in the class, it was the worst. I hate public speaking, it the worst that everyone has to say facts on the screen, in front of a lot of people. For our overall performance, we did a great job putting together the websites and the PowerPoint that we use to discuss and focus on us to say it in class. Everyone in the group did their work, so if I had a chance to do the group project, I would work with the same people. I love how we can update our work at the website and seeing the background we put up was fascinating. I love working as a group because we can focus at hand and we can work harder for the project. Many of us have made great ideas and progress in performing a success in putting together the best we can. We put together each page that contains seven of them; mike did the best work in putting a website where we can discuss the topic and demonstrated in class. Other group project did a great with their websites, it was fascinating and brilliant to see the design and the work they put in the project. For the project, if we have a chance to show it to the world those technologies have become the future in anyone’s business. We can show the world that technology have evolved in this world and developed a base operation to start a workforce to continue it. As working together in the project goes, we can finish it and can send it