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I have evolved into a well-rounded individual and team member based on group experiences this semester. Through my experiences and learning with a group, I am an expert on how I progressed throughout the semester. I have changed dramatically, and am now an individual that is part of a team. I have evolved and learned how to work better with others. I now have the ability to provide qualitative work efficiently. I examined my personal and group development in order to reflect upon my progression in a team environment.

Learning Goals for the Course My goals for the semester in this course were not farfetched and were very attainable. One of my main goals was to get a very good grade in the class. I also wanted to learn as much of the material as possible. It seemed to be going that way in the first couple of class periods and then we got put into groups. I was not very pleased when I found out that all members would get the same grade on assignments. So I set another goal for myself. That goal was to put as much input on group assignments as the other members did. I also wanted to make others know that the assignments were group efforts and everyone should be contributing.

Learning Plan and Implementation The plan that I set out for myself to achieve my goals was very thought out and reasonable. I wanted to make sure that I could get a good grade and retain the information. Not only did I need a good grade for school, but I also need this information for later use in the business world. I set out schedule for when I would study for the course, especially to complete the online quizzes. I also made sure to know what chapters needed to be read before class, as well as the Blackboard handouts. When it came time for group work, I made sure to set deadlines before it was actually do so I would not forget about it. Implementing my plan for achieving my goals was a bit of a struggle, but I was able to manage. For the first couple of class periods, reading through the entire chapter before completing the online quiz was easy. As we got deeper into the semester, my reading started to become lackluster but I retained as much information as possible. This was mainly due to the fact that I had other homework for other classes. Another factor that played into that was my poor time management. I would put things off and it started to mess me up. So I started to focus back in, especially when it came to group work. Because I got back on track with my learning plan, I was able to get a lot more of my work completed on time.

Insights as an Individual Throughout the course of the semester I was able to develop as a person and find out more about myself. Before starting this class I had a close idea of who I thought I was. I thought I was just a quiet person who just listened to everything and made sure I was right before making a decision. After completing the Social Style Assessment (1) I found out that I was right. But there were other things that I found out about myself. It turned out that I was not only an Analytical, but I was also an Amiable. I have known for a while that I was an analytical especially when it came to making decisions in the group. But it came to me as a surprise when I noticed that I was quite amiable. Some of the other group members were bashing on another group member because he was not turning in his part of the work on time. I felt bad for him and just encouraged everyone to continue our work and stop with the name-calling. I have come to realize that I can get work done right and on time, while also being able to relate to others.

Insights as a Group Member
My participation in group discussions was not up to par at first, but it increased as the group continued to meet. The other group members led the group discussions and I listened and agreed with everyone. My participation was very minimal, and the other group members started to notice. When I was devil’s advocate or facilitator, I was encouraged to…