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Terrell Hill
Individual Project 3
After taking the learning style assessment I learned that my learning style is a mixed of reflective, active, intuitive, and sensing learning. Although, my views on the visual learning above verbal and the sequential above global learning.

My assessment result wasn’t a shock to me. I noticed I understand better when I’m reading the materials over reading directions from a text. I feel the learning assessment was very accurate and the question was relevant to the learning process. I believe that my test results were very accurate.

As a learner the instructional strategies that work best for me are the visual along with sequential and I would use these in a classroom with games, graphs, pictures, charts, films, and other tools.

Not all students learn the same way, so the teacher must know how to use other methods in class to teach students different learning styles. This would include using the reflective learning style by giving the student a chance to think about a subject and come to a conclusion to bring to class a discussion. It would also include addressing the verbal learning style by assigning reading material of different types the student could address in class.

The evaluation quiz is for showing how each class uses each learning style differently. Learning styles help the teacher learn how each student learning skills are different. The information is then used in the class on how to better instruct