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Individual Project:

The Ten Academic and Professional Integrity:

1. Self-Esteem 6. Communication

2. Passion 7. Accountability

3. No excuses 8. Punctuality

4. Motivation 9. Pride

5. Trustworthy 10. Positive Thinking

Answer to question a: By the rules and regulation of any facility or institution, you made not purchase any paper work for any reason. It would mean that you do not want to do the work yourself. So in regards to that you must do the work yourself and come up with your own ideas.

Answer to question B: Once you put yourself or a classmate’s in a position by using their work it becomes a problem. What you are doing is wrong and both partied are subject to consequences. We must respect the rules and regulation. We all have our own thoughts and our own mind. We just have to be creative.

Answer to question C: When you use language that’s not appropriate on the Discussion Board. It sends out the wrong message. We must understand that there are other people, who might take offense to what we are saying. So it would be nice if everybody gave respect to their peers.

Answer to question D: First and foremost we should respect the works and opinion of our classmate... it’s very rude to talk about someone’s work performance, without looking at yourself. We should encourage each other to do the best we can.

Answer to question E: When you do not put your assignment on time. It can cause some problems. It can cause you to have anxiety attack and stress out. What you have to do is manage your time and get the work done when expected.

Answer to question F: When you do not give the right information it can cause some problems and the consequences can be more then you want them to be.

Answer to question G. Once you make a commitment, you should stand by it. You should honor that commitment. How would you feel if somebody stood you up and you were depending on them? It would not be a good feeling. It