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Memorandum Project Proposal
Phillip Schepok
CMGT 410
December 1, 2014
Deborah Ray-Simms
Memorandum Project Proposal
To: All Managers and Stakeholders
From: Texnotronix Corporation
Date: 12/2/2014
Re: Companywide Compliance System and Policies

Due to the nature of an upcoming implementation of a companywide compliance system and policy change it is imperative that every manager be required to participate in a ten hour training session here at Texnotronix located in Dallas, Texas. This states that you, the management team will need to travel to our location for hands on training which will also include training of the new policies. Upon completion of training, our company will be ready to implement the compliance system with rules and policies to all divisions and branches of the company. This project will be dubbed The Lone Star Seeker project.
Project Stakeholders The Lone Star Seeker project will affect each member directly and indirectly. The project will focus mainly on all management from each branch throughout the company. Supervisors will be partially affected due to the nature of their position. Each supervisor will be responsible for learning the rules and regulations to pass upon their team members. The CEO will not be affected from The Lone Star Seeker project, but does wish to receive feedback of the training for future purposes. The purpose of the compliance system will be to bring together the company from all locations into a single, common database. This database will be used to store information that the company can access and will need to compliment this configuration.
Objectives and Outcomes The Lone Star Seeker project will provide each manager with the hands on tools and knowledge to effectively and efficiently operate the new Compliance System according to the new policy. During the training, each manager will be able to ask questions and seek answers about the system and its capabilities. The managers will gain the knowledge of the policies and guidelines which then will help their employees within the organization.
Measures of Success The success of the Lone Star Seeker project will determine the differences in revenue between the old systems against the new system. Texnotronic, Inc. expects the level of increase to be atleast 25% within the first 6 months with another 50% increase before the end of the fiscal year. These goals are not promised as for it will take the participation of every team member within the