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Our group consisted of five group members. As we were come from different campus to study Organisational Behaviour and we all didn’t knew about each other, we concluded that working on a group project together through online chat room which was created by lecturer would be the most advantageous and convenient option. My role was primarily one of issues analytical, a role partly shared by Pedro and Shane. Shane completed the workplace problem that she experienced before, without which none of the workplace problem aspect would have been completed; another aspect she was mostly responsible for. Suruchi and Sarah were responsible for the workplace problem solution, for which they took on the arduous task of learning the problem and factors affect the problem. Sarah's role also was to restructure the report after all of the group members send her the draft. I also helped coordinate communications in our group members and I was happy to take a more active role in these areas. Initially we had some difficulty in assigning roles, as various group members had skills that could have been applied in many parts of the project. As the project specification became clearer, however, assigning roles also became easier, as it was clear that our individual skill-sets made us suited to particular parts of the project. Once the project started progressing, we functioned very well as a group. Due to us studying in different campus, we were unable to express ourselves more freely than if we were less well acquainted. Also, working in such an environment, allowing more work to be completed in a longer time. All disputes were settled democratically and amicably during online meetings.

We had a very well-rounded group that could excel in all areas. In particular, we are all strong analytical, and this showed in the quality of our final report. If any particular trait had to be pin-pointed as a weakness, perhaps our time-planning could have been better, but in no way was it less than adequate. Tasks were allocated during our meetings and usually there would be only one person who was best- suited to a particular task. In the cases where multiple people could have completed a task, it was assigned to the person with the least work. Through this method of task assignment, all members of the team were assigned equivalent amounts of work in their particular field. Each team member put in a considerable amount of effort into their tasks and work contributions were equal between members. The project given to us was a very large and ambitious project, and I think we performed admirably as a team.
By participating in this analytical project, I learned that collaborating with a group can be challenging but by staying in communication, it makes the whole process run much easier. Everyone needs to know what the goal is and have some kind of agreed-upon idea of how the goal will be accomplished. An open line of communication also means everyone should feel comfortable in sharing ideas and then receive constructive feedback rather than criticism. Positive interdependence is another important part of collaboration. Many of our group members were busy so it was hard to get together to work on the project. However we each communicated from the very beginning what each person was going to do, and who was going to take care of specific parts of the presentation. I learned that collaborating with a group involves great planning. Each person has their own opinion about what needs to be brought to the group, and each of these opinions needs to be expressed and valued. By listening to others, it helps bring ideas to the presentation that might not have been considered had the project been completed individually. By sitting down and listening to everyone’s ideas, and planning the layout of the presentation, the project seemed to run incredibly smooth.
This project taught me how important it is to not let other group members down. When the group initially