Individual Research Paper: Current Information In A Supply Chain Management

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Individual Research Paper Mgmt/430
Your paper in this class will explore current information in a Supply Chain Management topic.
Use the most current references you can find. You must have at least Three (3) different references. One can be your book, and a max of two can be from general on-line sources. Use other books or articles from research libraries such as Proquest or EBSCOhost for additional references
The paper must strictly follow APA formatting guidelines
Paper must be between 4 to 6 pages long (double spaced). Reference page and title page must be included but do not count as part of the length requirement.

Your paper MUST include all four of the following:
Parenthetical Citations
Citations are important because they give your work academic creditability. Without citations it is just your opinion and your opinion as profound as it may be has little academic creditability.
Reference Page
Anything you cited in your text must match up with a reference! If you don’t cite it, do not put it in the references list.
Title Page
This is a separate page, numbered page 1
Do NOT get fancy and change fonts, use graphics, or anything else. It is never acceptable. Use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed.
Sub-headings are an APA requirement and used to help the reader follow your work as you transition from topic to topic
Your papers will be graded on applicability and completeness (70%), so make sure the topic you select can be covered completely. You will also be graded upon your grammar, meeting APA style guidelines and overall writing ability (30%).

You must choose a topic relevant to this course, so using the text for interesting areas is a good starting place. You should try to choose a very narrow topic such that you can conduct some pretty detailed research on the subject. As