Individual Theories Essay

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Individual Theories
Debria Andrews
March 22, 2015
Professor Kristie Brackens

There’s different reason why some adolescents are motivated to commit crimes while others in similar circumstances are not. It can be different theories that can cause an individual to be a delinquency. The area also can cause a juvenile to be a delinquent as well. Many young adults choice the life they are going to live, rather they are criminal lives or successful lives. Many young adults make their decisions based off of the way of life growing up parental supervision, attention, what they are taught and mostly by the discipline involved when they get in trouble. Are the area and the type of friends that they are around? Young adults want to be the way their parents are so they have to look around at their life. I also believe that children that go through sever traumatic experiences in their life are more likely to go down the criminal path because they have no one to turn to for answers. If children grow up knowing that there is punishment with the decisions they make than they will less likely commit a crime and they wouldn’t go down that criminal path because they will have an answer to every decision that they make. General Deterrence is a way to keep this path clear from your children. It allow yourself to discuss that information, consequences and behavior behind poor choices that will only lead them to trouble. You have the option to choose what you are going to do rather it’s right and wrong it’s still your decision. Children that have nothing to lose and want to gain a life, money, and family may choose to make their lives rather than others chosen to break the law. Just because they either have nothing to lose or because they think money and their family can change the decision they make until it’s too late and they are stuck with their own decision and the consequences from their actions that they have done. I think that genetics have a tendency to play a role in why young adults become criminals. A lot of times juveniles do the things that they do because it’s inherit from their mothers and fathers. But some of the times the child can be adopted and not know it until they are young adults and asks questions about why they do some of the…