Individuality and the World Essay

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Individuality and the World

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote about individuality is very intriguing. It’s very important to be yourself in the society today, due to the amount of people in the world. I agree with the quote due to the fact you need individuality to stand out when getting accepted to college, or to be more social. Even individuality sparks a creative side in us.
Individuality is very important when I’m trying to get accepted into my favorite university. I know there are a lot of other people that are also trying to get into the same school. Lets say I and another person have taken the same classes and have the same SAT scores and GPA but he or she has more social clubs and other extra curriculum than I do, then he obviously must have more character and social skills than I do. So the people at the university are more likely to choose him over me.
Secondly, A person needs individuality to have better social and exciting connections with people. If everybody had the same personality and outlook on life, then the world would be a dull place. In fact I love when people are different than me. It gives me a chance to meet somebody new and learn more about them, and it lets me know that I’m not just talking to the same lifeless body each time. This is what helped me get the friends I have today.
Individuality isn’t just dealing with school or social connections it also sets people apart on the creative aspect. Look how many painters and musicians there are. None of