Individuality Vs Conformity Essay

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Individuality is a way that many people can express themselves. Although some people think that conformity is better for society, I believe that individuality is more important. Without individuality life would be dull and boring. Individuality also helps people love who they are and not be afraid to show it. Individuality is a characteristic that sets people apart from others. It also helps with creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Without individuality people would not think outside the box. According to Gemma Truman, individuality encourages self-reliance, initiative, persistence and unique perceptions, and new visionary ideas. These are all things that help set us apart. Things like self-reliance, initiative, and our unique perceptions help us to think differently. This is how new ideas are created and why the world is so diverse. Being individual can be helpful in a lot of ways. “Individuality is the capacity to competently deal with any new situation other than what one was trained for and what one is familiar with” (Ashok Natarajan). To me this is saying that when you are conformed you only know how to handle certain
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While I was doing my research I came upon an article titled “Bullied into Conformity”. This article was about a little boy named Phillip and how his teacher bullied him because he was different. Phillip was always quiet and would sit in the corner and draw. His teacher named “Miss McCoy, decided to make a project of reforming Philip” (Robert Wilson p.1). She would do things like call on him when he did not know the answer and sometimes she would even beat him with a wooden paddle. One day he had pencil smudged on his face and the teacher humiliated him in front of the entire class. Eventually she gave up and left him alone. This story inspires me to never give up no matter what people may think of me. As long as you stay true to whom you are people