Individuals and Institutions Raw and Friday Night Lights Essay

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Through the texts RAW a novel by Scott Monk and Friday Night Lights a television series directed by Peter Berg ideas and information are communicated by showing both positive and negative views of institutions from the individuals experiences and how they can alter and individual or groups perception, values and judgments.

The idea that institutions can change people for the better is seen throughout RAW by using contrast from the beginning to the end of the book. Brett Dalton comes to the farm as a delinquent teenager who was caught stealing from a bottle shop but throughout time gradually gains trust from Sam the caretaker of the farm. In the first few chapters Sam shows no trust in Brett, he doesn’t leave him alone at all getting the other boys to go with him whenever he needed to go anywhere asking josh to take Brett back to his room “Josh can you go take Brett back to his room so he can unpack”. The gaining more trust as the novel goes on allowing him near the end to let Josh, Bret and Caitlin, Brett’s friend, to take Caitlin home in the Ute by them selves. This shows how much trust Sam has gained in Brett over his stay at the farm.

Throughout Raw one of the main ideas communicated to us is that in the institution you have to follow the rules or there will be consequences. This is seen when Sam tells Brett “If you want to break the rules you have to face the consequences” after breaking his 4 rules he sets in place for all the boys at ‘the farm’, when he talks back to Sam then runs and hides and starts smoking. This is also seen in one of the main scenes of the book, when Brett runs away at night but realizes after a while it isn’t the smartest decision. He eventually come back to the farm and apologises to Sam. This is a major turning point for Brett’s stay at the farm but none the less he broke Sam’s number two rule don’t leave the property causing all of the boys to be punished as they didn’t stop him from his escapes.

In Friday Night Lights the institution is everything the town has, the Dylan Panthers are the number one high school football team in Texas and this idea about the institution is seen through out the whole episode. It first starts when the local ‘Panthers Football Radio’ is used as a voice over which starts a countdown until the next game, this shows how dedicated and proud the town is of the institution. The idea is also seen when panning shots of the town are shown, with the houses of the players having boards outside saying the name number and position of the boy. The fast paced speed and the quick shots, also show the excitement the town gets from watching the football games each week, and how much it means to them.

The idea that institutions can restrict individuals is seen throughout both texts, by having a schedule, whether it be meal times and class times such as in RAW or whether it be training times and opening ceremonies that need attending to by the players in Friday Night Lights.

Institutions can be good places is an idea communicated to us in RAW, the line “it promised to be the longest walk of his life” shows the point where Brett realizes the farm isn’t actually that bad, that the walk is a metaphor for change and that the institution is a place that is going to allow him to achieve this change. This is achieved by Monks use of 3rd person narration with focalisation on Brett so we understand the whole journey and his views on the institution. This is also seen by the fact