Individuals With Disabilities Observation Paper

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In the city of Reading, Pennsylvania there are many agencies that assist in with the goal of self-sufficiency for individuals with disabilities. I went on site to conduct interviews with professionals at a few of these agencies in the city. I learned valuable information during the interviews and perceived how these agencies work together with a common goal of successful employment for their customers.
The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), is a state agencies with twenty-one district offices located across Pennsylvania. OVR provides services to adults and youth starting in 11th grade who are disabled. Anyone can apply and eligibility is determined if the applicant is determined significantly disabled. The cost of services is dependent on the customer’s household income, services may be at no cost or the customer may have a financial contribution. OVR can assist individuals with an array of disabilities and offers a variety of services including counseling & guidance, training, job placements, post-employment services, and payment for barriers to successful employment relating to individual’s disability such as hearing aids and vehicle modifications.
I interviewed David Ritter a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor who manages one of the
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Dietrich discussed was Gaining Realistic Options to Work (GROW) which is offered to the adult disabled population who may not qualify for services through OVR as they are not significantly disabled. These consumers usually have no prior work history but have the desire to work. Their desire to work is not without hesitation of the possibility they may lose their financial assistance such as SSI, and SNAP benefits. The program is a month long and two hours a day. The program supports the individual in developing realistic employment goals. At the end of the program AIM holds a graduation ceremony and the individual presents their vision board of their future to the attendees at the