Individul Prospects Essay

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Kimberly Cruz 4/27/15 Fitzgerald AICE General Paper Individuals Prospects
To what extent is a university education essential for an individual's prospects? School wasn't always as important as it is shown to be today. In some countries like the Unites States a University education is essential for a being. But is that all that identifies and categorizes there individual prospects. Many people hold a talent. The United states, being 4th in holding, “The Worlds Most Talented Ready Countries”. So to what extent is a university education essential for an individual's prospects. When there are so many things people can do without having a university education. Leading people to always think that without a proper education you'll end up being a nobody. If one just focuses hard enough on what they really want to do, nothing is impossible with or without a university education. But in other cases many Artists,Singers,Actors and Athletes who sometimes don't finish high school. Live a successful lifestyle because of this talent. Lebron James is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). After finishing high school he was quickly drafted quickly in 2003 to play with the Cavaliers. He has received four MVP awards for (Most Valuable play of the year). Although he didn't go to college he said, “It would've been nice to to go to”Ohio State University”. The university has even given him his own locker in the school as if he was a student the whole time. For many people in many countries the option to strive is cut right away from the thought of it. Mexico being one of the most poorest and corrupt states that could exist. Drug cartels and many injustices being shown in this state such as the 43 students killed by there own President,”Enrique Peña Nieto”, is one of the reason's why many,“Mexican's”, migrate over to the United States in