Essay on Indiviual Work

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Billie Hutchison
Case Study Week 8
Everest University Online South Orlando
September 7, 2013

1.) How would you solve this problem using Maslow's motivational theory?
Find out a way to make the job fin and enjoyable, but still get the tasks done by the deadline. I would also apply a five steps rule to the company management. You should change the situation according the theory. The Maslow motivation theory is typically represented by 5 steps: Physiological needs - such as hunger, thirst and sleep. Safety needs - such as security, protection from danger and freedom from pain. Social needs - sometimes also referred to as love needs such as friendship, giving and receiving love, engaging in social activities and group membership. Esteem needs - these include both self-respect and the esteem of others. For example, the desire for self-confidence and achievement, and recognition and appreciation. Self-actualization, this is about the desire to develop and realize your full potential. To become everything you can be.

2.) How would that differ from using Herzberg's and McGregor's?
Herzberg made the Motivation/Hygiene theory which affects job attitudes: Leading to Dissatisfaction - Company policy - Supervision - Relationship w/Boss - Work conditions - Salary - Relationship with Peers Leading to Satisfaction - Achievement - Recognition - Work itself - Responsibility - Advancement - Growth? McGregor if I’m not mistaken made Theory X and Theory Y and Theory X, managers assume their employees are inherently lazy and will avoid work if they can. They dislike work and because of this must be closely monitored. In