Indivuals: Xy Sex-determination System and Classify People Xy Essay

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An Attempt to Classify People
Xy walks by carrying a pretty tray that holds two sandwiches’. He drops it off at table number seven were xx and xo sit having a cup of tea at the vintage café. They thank him and engulf in a conversation about the latest discoveries in biology, momentarily taking a minute to glance at xxx, an extraordinary woman doing gymnastics; she was performing with xyy, a really tall guy. “Fascinating talent” was xx’s comment, as they continued to sip their tea.
Confused a little bit there? Well, I’ll explain. This is the way I would like to classify people. I classify people by seeing their category, regarding the amount of chromosomes one has. When I see a “xy” it will give me a heads up. Do that. Don’t do that. For instance, I won’t strike a conversation about make up; my brain will tell me he is not in that category. If there is a woman made up of xx chromosomes, it will tell my brain to act a certain way to that being, understand some of her emotions, and will give me a tip of how to interact with her. And then there are those people with abnormal amount of chromosomes. Which will help me understand why they are the way they are.
When I classify people that way, I get a very broad picture of who they are. So I can have the very basic understanding of how to respond, talk, and react etc. to them. I personally think it is nonsensical to attempt to classify people into smaller groups. We are so diverse, so multifaceted. When someone is classifying…