Indochina: Cambodia and French Protectorate Essay

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Sino-French War occurred in 1883–85, and was a conflict between China and France over Vietnam. The Sino-French war unveiled the lack of China’s modernization efforts and aroused nationalistic reactions in South China. Vietnam, China’s major protectorate of the south, was already in France’s attention. By 1880, the France gained control over Cochinchina, or three southern provinces. France later began to expand their territory north in Vietnam and the Chinese responded by battling series of battles with the French. In 1882, the Chinese proposed a treaty that would make the area a joint protectorate. It was rejected by the French and additional troops were sent to North Vietnam. Wars and battles became dominant in China again and it refused to accept any loss of sovereignty over Vietnam. Hostilities resumed. Chang Chih-tung, one of the leading hawks, was successful against French forces that had attempted to advance north into South China, but at sea the new Chinese fleet of 11 steamers was destroyed. A peace treaty was finally signed at Paris in 1885 in which China agreed to recognize the Li–Fournier agreement.

2. Treaty of Saigon
During 19th century, Cambodia had been reduced to a vassal state of the kingdom of Siam which had annexed its western provinces. After the French establishment of a colony in Cochinchina (present-day southern Vietnam) in 1867, King Norodom of Cambodia requested a French protectorate over his kingdom. On 5 July 1863, Norodom signed a treaty…