Indonesia in Indonesia Essay

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Category | Data | 1.Official Name of Country | Republic of Indonesia | 2.Popular Name of Country | Indonesia | 3.Capital City | Jakarta | 4.Other Major Cities | Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, Bekasi, | 5.Area | 741,100 Sq. Mi. | 6.Boundaries | 2,830 Km | 7.Bodies of Water | Indian and Pacific Ocean | 8.Climate | Predominantly Tropical | 9.Natural Resources | Petroleum, Tin, Natural Gas, Nickel, Timber, Bauxite, Copper, Fertile Soils, Gold, Silver, Coal | 10.Environmental Issues/Natural Hazards | Earthquakes, Floods, Forest Fires, High tides, Landslides, Mud Volcano, Mud Flow, Storm, Tsunami | 11.Population | 242.3 Million | 12.Language | Indonesian | 13.Religion | Islam, Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Protestantism | 14.Life Expectancy | 69.32 Years | 15.Industry | Fishing and Paper Products | 16.Agriculture | Rice, Cassava, Peanuts, Rubber, Cocoa, Coffee, Palm Oil, Copra, Poultry | 17.Exports | Oil, Gas, Plywood, Textiles, Rubber | 18.Imports | Machinery, Equipment, Chemicals, Fuels, Foods | 19.Balance of Trade | 4641.92 Million USD | 20.Currency/Exchange Rate | Indonesian Rupiah | Days 1-5 Indonesia In Indonesia, they are surrounded by two different oceans. The oceans are the Indian and Pacific Ocean which are two of the five oceans there are in the world. Indonesia is mostly surrounded by the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean surrounds about two-thirds of Indonesia while the Pacific Ocean covers about one-third of it. Religion in Indonesia doesn’t concentrate on one religion. The people in Indonesia have at least five different religions that are taught there.