INDP Part 1 Essay

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Christina Lilomaiava
Antonio Tovar

INDP, Part 1

The Virtual Organization I have chosen is Riordan Manufacturing. From reviewing the notes I have on the company, the fundamental characteristics of Riordan is to get all locations on the same page in terms of network, incorporating all sites to wide area network protocols. All administrative networks need to be switched to WLANS (wireless local area networks). There also need to have a fast and strong connection for their satellite link so communication between the San Jose and China offices are not lost. In order to do this, this will require protocols that can meet a 10 megabits per second connection and quality needs to be equal to that of a circuit switch data link. The components needed to integrate all sites on a WAN protocol will call for a set of switches and routers that are interconnected by either full mesh or half mesh topologies. The component needed to get a quality connection equal to a circuit switch data link is using packet switching, this will allow networks to have connections that can be shared within the company’s network. The current network topology would be a full mesh topology since the networks of Riordan need to connect with one another and also full mesh can handle the high traffic that will happen once all networks are connected. Also, full mesh topology allows one to modify or expand the networks if needed without disturbing other parts of the company’s networks or nodes.

As for the standards applicable to this project, they will be based on the network specifications. We will be using the seven layers of