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Write a research paper on the role of the Industrial Hygienist in Industry. Please include the outlook for the future.

I would like to demonstrate through this paper what the role of the Industrial Hygienist in industry is. I will hope to present several types of what I have known one to be in comparison to what the position truly is. I will also like to include the future outcome and perhaps the direction the job responsibilities will include.

Industrial Hygienist are occupational and safety professionals concerned in keeping and maintaining good health among the workforce. They try to prevent occupational diseases among employees and lower environmental health hazards in the workplace. They are trained to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and work to eliminate adverse working conditions that cause illness or hurt the health of workers. Some conditions they may monitor include greater than 100dB noise or the presence of airborne materials such as dust, vapors, chemicals, and other potentially hazardous materials common to most industrial settings. They frequently collect air or water samples and monitor noise exposure or levels to determine if any harmful conditions exist. The growth of high-technology and service industries had led to stress related health problems which could be monitored as well. Others work on site, where they compare with plant management, labor organizations, and in some cases environmental groups to establish health and safety programs that satisfy the different needs of all these groups. Some specialize in pollution problems and may help devise systems for the safe storage or disposal of toxic wastes from an industrial plant. Those with backgrounds in engineering may conduct detailed plant specific surveys to locate and correct work hazards. These professions are called Industrial Hygiene Engineers. They also keep the companies and labor groups informed of federal, state and local health requirements. They prepare hazard communication sheets (MSDS) and computer software perhaps, to ensure that workers understand the dangers of the chemicals and equipment they use. I believe with the global competitiveness industrial hygienist will be more in demand. To be competitive in this economy all things must play in effect. You must consider all the aspects of manufacturing such as safety, lower work injuries and hazards. It is just as important as quality and quantity when you look at the whole picture of being successful and competitive. They will be sought out to put programs in place to help eliminate high dollar losses where illness and disease is constant.

In conclusion, I have learned no matter what your role in your positions, Industrial Hygienists are available to promote and speak for those who don’t have a voice when $$’s come before the health and safety of your workforce. Safety Directors, Environmentalists and Occupational Health employees I believe share the roll in putting the tools in place for a safer workplace. They will all work within a team to achieve the same goals and help become competitive.