Industrial Orientation Analysis

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Executive summary

The reason of this analysis is to contribute to the author`s knowledge by acquiring a precise outcome about the hospitality industry through 40 hours of practical work in a professional company. During two weeks the writer successfully managed to fulfill the above mentioned hours gaining valuable experience in this domain. The perception of this young student has significantly changed after performing for this firm and therefore, this progress will help him develop the suitable behavior as a supervisor and manager in the following years.
The method by which the author assessed the firm demands a critical perspective which is the base of this fair and accurate report. Furthermore, a privilege has been offered to the writer
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This happens because that theory learnt in school and from books is applied in a practical way, a method by which information is better retained in every student`s young mind. Furthermore, I must admit the fact that, even for only forty hours, I had the opportunity to accumulate experience in an international environment from a foreign country. Additionally, the analysis of my work made me change my perspective about the hospitality field because I started to visualize essential details and facts in a more accurate way.
Before working for this company I never thought how challenging may be to manage a business and its labor. In this way, I observed that a manager has the most difficult job for the entire company. Several aspects of leadership were noticed by me when I collaborated with the manager of the company. First of all, communication is an important aspect which a manager must always perfect within a company so that efficiency can be achieved. Equally important, respect and the capacity of making compromises are utterly needed by every leader in order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere at the workplace. All together, I can say that in order to be a leader you must learn how to be
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Labor Agreement
Five subsections, part the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), will be compared in the following lines with regard to author`s practice at Pulsano Pizzeria Company.

6.1 Management Rights
According to CBA, the employer is entitled to impose discipline at the work place and to treat equally every member of his staff no matter racial or ethnical backgrounds.
It can be declared that this article has been respected by the owner of the organization as employees are treated exactly the same. Moreover, the rights to impose discipline within the establishment are equitable used because the staff understands the workplace rules.
6.2 Employee`s Responsibility: Work Start Time
This article on CBA enforces employees to show punctuality when starting their shifts and to respect their schedule according to their contracts. Essentially, all details, including starting times and location of the workplace are mentioned in the agreement.
During his practice, the author considers that the above mentioned rule was almost every time respected by him and his colleagues from Pulsano Pizzeria. However, the existence of some exceptions is inevitable. For instance, lack of punctuality was shown by one of the writer`s colleagues two times. Hence, he was persuaded by the manager to respect the terms of their agreement as soon as