Industrial Revolution Essay

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Loan Nguyen Lam
March 12, 2014
World History 3, period 2

Industrial Revolution

Today’s technology has advanced drastically. There is new machinery that helps makes our lives easier, such as a drill to dig underground. But life wasn’t easy especially during the Industrial Revolution, especially during the Industrial Revolution. Life during the Industrial Revolution was because kids had to work, the upper classes were ignorant, and not many were educated.

The Industrial Revolution was a similar process to the Agricultural Revolution, in that it was a start of a better life. In Britain many new jobs were created, but even though there was lots of jobs not everyone had one. Some families had parents who did not fit the traits of the jobs so their children had to work instead. Children as young as six years old were hired because they were cheaper than the adults. They worked in mines, factories, houses, and on farms. They worked from six in the morning to six in the afternoon. Even thought the children worked for many hours they were paid little such as one through three pennies, depending on their job.

Not only was Britain expanding economically but politically too. Owning lots of land and money were key factors to staying in the upper classes. They kept the money to themselves, ignoring the working class. A fine example would be government officials. Government officials did not learn soon enough of the hard conditions the children were working. They discovered that girls working in the mines worked naked. And that many kids died on the job. The Government officials restricted the age when children can work to age twelve, in hopes to keep inhumane events from happening.

Even though life was hard because of the working conditions it wasn’t the only factor. Many inhabitants especially the kids did not go to school. Some kids preferred to “… be in the pit than go to school.” Many