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When one hears the word revolution, one would often think of a long and bloody war. However, just as often as wars, the world is overcome by revolutions of thought, ideas and technology. Controversy over whether or not these changes in ideas are good or bad is common, but there shouldn’t be any disagreement over the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was ultimately positive because of the many new innovations and inventions, transportation improvements, and the movements of the labor union. Several technology advancements made during the Industrial Revolution led to innovations and inventions that are necessities today. New machinery greatly increased efficiency and caused factories to create more supply than demand. Things so simple in everyday life now wouldn’t exist without the Industrial Revolution, such as the light bulb which was invented in 1800. Some of these technologies were even lifesaving, like the invention of anesthesia. Most people couldn’t imagine going into surgery without some form of anesthesia, while during the Industrial Revolution it was just being invented. Some may argue that this was a negative factor impacting society because some of the advancements in technology took jobs away from the people. While this is true, the ideas of the Industrial Revolution focused on helping the greater good of the people. The new machinery significantly increased efficiency and the output of goods.
The growth of the Industrial Revolution depended on the ability to transport materials and finished goods over long distances. One of the most prominent types of transportation that increased during the Industrial Revolution was the railroad system. Railroad transportation was especially important in the United States because of its contributions to western expansion. Not only was the railroad industry important in human transportation, but it also allowed easier transportation of goods. Easier shipping therefore boosted the fishing and farming industries. These new improvements created hundreds of new jobs for railroad workers and iron miners. Not only was the railroad industry a major improvement in transportation, but there was also the waterway transportation industry. The cheap and convenient steam engine was created, as were canals. All of the advancements allowed for much easier communication as well. One might claim that traveling by train is a dying industry in the United States. While there are even more improvements in human travel, such as airplanes, trains are still a booming industry in the transportation of goods. Not only that, but human travel by train is still extremely popular in Europe and other parts of the world.
Many people today couldn’t imagine having to work in a factory as a child with a twelve hour shift and no minimum wage. This was common