Industrial Revolution Essay

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Arnold Tonybee defined the essence of the Industrial Revolution as “the substitution of competition for the mediaevel regulations which had previously controlled the production and distribution of wealth.” There were quite a few components that encompassed the Industrial Revolution in his eyes. The extreme growth in population definitely played a role in the era. Tonybee provided statistics to show the increase in population in England. He even noted that some of the numbers were “the highest figure ever reached in England.” A decline in agricultural population, also known as the rural population, meant a large increase in urban population, which played a large role in this time period. An agrarian revolution was pivotal during the Industrial Revolution as well. The specific parts of the agrarian revolution included “the destruction of the common-field system of cultivation; the enclosure, on a large snventions came along with the substitution including the “spinning-jenny”, “the water-frame”, “the self-acting mule”, and “the power-loom”. Mechanical improvements in agricultural also influenced other industries. rote that a social revolution had come about, along with “a change in the balance of political power and in the relative position of classes.” There was a distinct labourer class being created as “the alienation between farmer and labourer” was created.
The manufacturing world experience a large change that was similar to the factory system as the “capitalist employers made enormous fortune”, while “their hundreds of workmen were individually unknown to them.” Tonybee bluntly wrote, “a ‘cash nexus’ was substituted for the human tie.” He finally concluded “that free competition may produce wealth without