Industrial Revolution Essay

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Industrial Revolution
Almost everywhere we look and trod upon, there are traces of technology. The Industrial Revolution brought forth some of the most important inventions in world history, and much what came out of the Industrial Revolution affects us to this day. The Industrial Revolution is a period in which countless inventions and ideas bust out from the intellect of men in the 1800s. Unlike other European countries, Britain had political and economic stability in addition to all the factors of production: land, labor, and capital, because it was not affected by the French Revolution. As a result, Britain became the first country to industrialize; new ideas and complicated machinery began to emerge, and soon, Britain became the main exporter of textiles. Out of hundreds of new discoveries and mechanics, there were a few that stood out. Eli Whitney’s cotton gin was used to harvest cotton, which was high in demand, more quickly and efficiently. James Watt’s steam engine made it possible to have a powerful energy generator that would later be used to make locomotives, cars, and ships. Fulton used the steam engine to create a steamboat that hauled passengers and cargo up and down the swift river.
All these inventions that emerged during the Industrial Revolution helped the countries of the world to mass-produce many goods such as textiles, crops, or other machines. Factories were built so that more goods could be produced, and hundreds of jobs emerged, People, having