Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Industrial Revolution: Industrial revolution was a major change in ways the goods produced. Instead of goods being produced by hand they were produced by machines. (Modernization) was taking at this time. The Industrial Revolution started in England for numerous reasons. England has many (natural resources) such as coal and iron. Another reason would be England had a strong economy because England had favorable geography, so that trading and transportation could be quicker. Although machines were great to produce goods, problems occurred right after. Three problems that came about of the Industrial Revolution were child labor, overcrowded cities and pollution. A solution that was created for child labor was labor unions that helped improved pay and working conditions. Overcrowded cities were resolved by political activism where workers voted for candidates who promised to improve conditions. Pollution was resolved by welfare programs, where the nations gave assistance to families in need.

Rise of Fascism: (In Italy) Fascism in Italy rose rapidly after World War 1. Fascists have authoritarian government that is not communist. There were many causes that accused in Italy, which fascism rose. Economic crisis lead to fascism. Taxes increased and trade decline. Severe inflation occurred and strikes unemployment. Many political issues came about. Italy had weak (monarchy) and divided their monarchy. There was a rivalry between socialists, communists, and nationalism. Social problems caused fascism to rise quickly. Peasants began to seize land they work on. There was a fear of communism. Mussolini rose to power In Italy because he was an extreme nationalist who rejected communism and socialism. The “Black shirts” won combat squad started by Mussolini. He promised people security, elders and economic progress in exchange for their lives and freedom. Mussolini traveled through Italy using violence to gain control. He took back land from peasants and forced people to go back to work. Benito Mussolini rose to power because he believed fascism would help his country. World War I World War I started because of the assassination of Archduke Francis