industrial revolution Essay

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A revolution is a change in how people live. Throughout global history different types of revolutions have occurred, such as political, social, economic, cultural and technological. Revolutions have many causes and usually have a great impact on how people live. In the 19th century the Industrial Revolution impacted the world with drastic changes. It brought about many changes. It also made daily tasks easier and brought about advancements in transportation. The Industrial Revolution brought advancements that are still used today. The location of the Industrial Revolution had the natural resources that helped bring it about. They had navigable rivers that are easily controlled which allowed it to be easy to transport raw materials. An invention of the Industrial Revolution was the steam engine to pump water out of mines. The steam engine was used to raise minerals from mines, provide heat for smelting iron ore, and drive machines in textile mills. The development of machinery helped create goods faster than the average human can. With goods being created faster and more plentiful more products were being sold. The more the factories produced the less the price was so more people brought the product. Due to enclosures a system of crop rotation emerged, which helped avoid soil depletion and improved food supply. The Agrarian Revolution was a big turning point. With the invention of the seed drill and fertilizers it gave people in Britain the ability to grow food faster and