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Analytic Brief 2 The Industrial Revolution had many positive effects on society. It all started back in England during the eighteen and nineteen century. According to Pearson, Industrial Revolution transformed human life by changing methods of manufacturing, the way people made a living and the products available to them. For example, Person states that the Industrial Revolution was made up of four sets of changes: first, the introduction of new technology; second, the use of new mineral sources of energy; third, a concentration of workers in factories; and fourth, new methods of transportation. Firstly, the introduction of technology helped build textile machinery that helped iron, print, paper making, and engineering industries. Second, the use of new mineral sources of energy helped the Industrial Revolution to rely on coal to produce the high temperatures needed to smelt iron. Eventually, it also became a source of heat for the steam engine. The steam engine helped pump water out of mines and it was also used to increase minerals and to provide heat. Third, the concentration of workers in factories helped the Industrial Revolution because the workers would carry out all the work, which means more work and more money for the company. Lastly, the methods of transporting the goods helped the Industrial Revolution because it helped transport raw materials and other goods. The transportation used in that time was railroad, so the construction of railroads created jobs. Another example is that Pearson also states that the conditions favored the Industrial Revolution. For instance, the population growth, agriculture productivity, capital formation and accumulation, technological knowledge and entrepreneurship, and demand from consumers and producers. The population growth helped because, it provided cheap labor for the companies and because the goods had to be doubled. The agriculture productivity helped owners be in control of the fields and the workers to work in factories and pay the workers cheap pay with cheap food. Ultimately, Industrial Revolution had a positive effect because it provided new ways to produce goods.
Secondly, the Industrial revolution also had negative effects in society. According to the article The effects of the Industrial Revolution, the Industrial Revolution when it started there were no laws that helped prevent the bad