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The Industrial Revolution was when factories started popping up and making mass quantities of a certain product. The Industrial Revolution made it possible for us to build vertically, with five and six stories, rather than only horizontally, with may be only two or three stories. Andrew Carnegie was one of the most influential men from the Industrial Revolution; he made it possible for us to build skyscrapers. However, the revolution had a major impact on the Earth, such as pollution and massive use of nonrenewable resources. The Industrial Revolution also threw the United States into being a world economic giant. The Industrial Revolution changed the way the country worked; before the revolution our country was mainly an agrarian-related work. The people who worked in the factories were over worked and under paid severely. The factories were dangerous to work in and a lot of times should not have been. People were leaving their farms to come work in the factories. Working in the factories was definitely hard but so was working the rural agricultural jobs. Working on the farms people were out in the elements with the sun and wind and rain, something that majority of them were probably use to. However, working in the factories they were inside a building where the bad air and heat couldn’t escape as easy and it was loud.
The Industrial Revolution influenced my career industry in the way of managing people. If you are working a farm you don’t necessarily have a lot of