Industrial Revolution Essay

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Over the years the british have gone through some very rough changes. Throughout the years they have had revolutions, battle’s, and even a war. Of course the British haven’t just gone through the worst of times, like all growing countries things took a turn for the better. Revolution for one, and becoming a city of Industrialization. The british experienced the best of times and they experienced the worst of times. Like most places/people the british were no exception.
Reform means the improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt, unsatisfactory, etc. Reform is generally distinguished from revolution. The latter means basic or radical change; whereas reform may be no more than fine tuning, or at most redressing serious wrongs without altering the fundamentals of the system. Reform seeks to improve the system as it stands, never to overthrow it wholesale. Radicals on the other hand, seek to improve the system, but try to overthrow whether it be the government or a group of people themselves.
The British began the industrial century when it created factories.Mass production and the assembly line were the two key components to the factory industry. The major component to the factories were the workers. Factories filled with men, women, and children who were paid more for their actions by someone else then they ever made by themselves. Factories were lined up with machines that made processing items at an admirable rate. With the help of the assembly line it made the process of creating and delivering so much easier. It created mass production of the same thing which made it easier when one of the productions lost say a gear or something. Thanks to interchangeable parts it made it easier to fix said product, instead of everything being made differently, everything that was built on the assembly line had the same parts that could be exchanged with ease. It was much easier than having to make an entirely new part.
A revolution is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time. The british began to age of Industrialization, and brought great change to their country. For a while the british were living the good life, they were getting more money than ever at…