Industrial Revolution and Bob Mrs. Cooke Essay

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Billy Bob
Mrs. Cooke per.8 U.S. History II
October 22 2013
The Industrial Revolution
After completing this assignment I have learned more about the Industrial revolution. Historians say that the industrial revolution started in the in the mid eighteen hundreds this was a major turning point in history. it was when we as America entered a new age technology was growing are country was growing and the economy was growing and we were moving west.
A major part in the industrial revolution was immigration. Immigrants came from all over to America. The people that came from Europe settled the east in cities like New York and Boston which made the cities grow and become urban. The people that came from Asia settled in the west most came from Asia were the Chinese the Chinese settled in the west. People that had the same ethnic background settle in the same neighborhoods creating places like Chinatown in San Francisco.
The industrial age. Since there were so many immigrants coming to America and all the immigrants needed work the cost of pay was really low. This made companies thrive since they didn’t have to pay as much yet there were more workers than ever. This created making and producing products faster. Also the technology was growing making it also easier to produce products. Since there was such a big population boost this created sailing the product faster since such a big demand this created the economy growth.
The West. The western expansion started when Thomas