Industrial Revolution and Great Britain Essay

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The Great Industrial Revolution was a great time for world but at the same time quiet a gruesome period to live in. The world as we know it would not be the same. This era has affected u in good ways and bad ways, like steam engines and an improved sewerage system but at the same time slave driving was a big factor of the Industrial Revolution not to mention child labour, many great mind where born but many people died, futures where created but lives where destroyed this is the cold hard truth of the Industrial Revolution.
In the 1760s, Great Britain began to grow even bigger as an economy, in 1820s, Belgium begun to grow bigger as an economy and in the 1850s rest continental of Europe grow as an economy. Do you know what all of these countries have in common? It quiet a simple answer, The Industrial revolution. The Industrial Revolution was started in Great Britain by many different factors, firstly, The British Agricultural Revolution. This is why workers to leave rural areas and work in urban factory, inventions such as the seed drill and the Dutch Plow allowed worker to work in factories instead of working on the field all day. Secondly, population increase, child labour and cheap labour. These are very big factors of the Industrial Revolution, at the time of the Industrial Revolution there was a massive population increase which meant more workers, more workers less pay, less pay more product and profit. Thirdly, transportation, the Industrial Revolution brought many new ways of transport such as canals networks, road networks and railway networks, this was a great way to travel because it was cheap, quick and a very heavy load of raw materials could be moved from point A to B. Last but not least, colonization, this is most likely the most important factor of Britain’s Industrial Revolution, a great mind is born in every country and so they would be transferred or move to Britain to make a name for themselves and some money for there family’s.
As I mentioned before at the time of the Industrial Revolution increased exponentially and Great Britain colonized many massive empires such as Canada, America and even South Africa, due to this, work became scares even with all the factories around no jobs where available, so people started moving to places such as Canada. Not only did people move from Britain but Chinese begun to moving and even Scottish moved because of the potato famine. These people saved up and looked for assistance. Although when Australia was discovered many convicts were sent there but sometimes immigrants are taken with on the boats to Australia.
Before the Industrial Revolution men, women and children work on the fields. If was there source of food and a form of payment to the lord and nobles but as soon as the Industrial Revolution began people realised no money was being made so they decide to move from a rural area to a urban area, as it was closer to their place of work and homes wear cheaper because everything was being made in the same town. But life was not all it turned out to be, within factories no one had watches so they most likely worked over time every day and no extra payment was received. Women and children would get beat to death or severely injured. The work place was extremely dangerous and one little mess up could get you killed, for instance little Tom was helping his old mother in the cotton mill, when his hand got caught in one of