Industrial Revolution and Labor Child Labor Essay

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Child Labor Child labor is the gainful employment from workers below an age determined by law or custom. Over 200 million children are child laborers. This is not outlawed in many of the many developing (poor) countries. Of these hundreds of labor enforcing countries, some of the worst in this category are in Africa. The International Labor Organization estimates that about 25 percent of the West African country of Nigeria’s 80 million children under the age of 14 is now working. One of the reasons that children are being driven into these places of work is that there is no good school system in place. The ages in child labor usually start at 4 years old to around 14 years old, when their bodies are most useful. In Asia child labor is bad. In China child labor is not outlawed. The families of these labor enforced children need the little extra money that comes with the children being workers. There were many and still are professions of work to be filled. When the American Industrial Revolution came around, children were put into factories and on product lines. When a kid was to be sent into a glass making factory, he or she would be under intense conditions. To make glass, one had to have an at least 2000 degrees Fahrenheit melting station. A number of children also work as prostitutes. Therefore, there is room for sexually transmitted diseases to go around and back then as well as now, treatments are limited. The majority of child labor worldwide takes place in