Industrial Revolution and New Industrial Age Essay

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would not function properly. He also said that his legs will not support the weight of his bones due to the dust in the factories and overwork. This shows the harsh conditions that were present in the factories. Joseph Hebergram sais that the conditions were so bad that some people actually died in the factories. When sadler asked him about the working hours and he stated that he had been working from five in the morning till nine at night. The children that worked at these factories didn’t get time for school or other things because be the time they were done with work they would be tired. None of these children were educated and most of them weren’t able to read or write. Cooper also stated that they were frequently strapped. Along with the great leap in technology, there was an overall downfall in the socioeconomic and cultural situation of the people. Growth of cities were one of the major consequences of the Industrial Revolution. Many people were driven to the cities to look for work, in turn the ended living in the cities that could not support them. With the new industrial age, a new qauntitative and materialistic view of the world took place. This caused the need for people to consume as much as they could. This still happens today. Living on small wages that required small children to work in factories for long days.
The Industrial Revolution, was not a good revolution for the planet. From the time of its start, the factories and industry has increased the amount