Industrial Revolution and White Slavery Essay

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Ismat Siddiqui

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White Slavery

“Don’t mind your fingers”. This sentence shows the true picture of a capitalist’s mind, his thinking, his behavior towards his workers. White Slavery was not only present on that time, but still it is alive in many developing countries. In Victorian age, when industrial revolution came in England, and she touched the tower of progress and development, then, the price of this development had been paid by women and children. Because the women and children were cheap labors on those days, and mill owners had exploited them for gaining the immense wealth. Bryant and May ‘s fine system had to surrender in front of match girls’ strike due to their struggle against that cruel system.

The Women Question

The role of woman in society, is still debating in different parts of the world. The most important question that has arisen from these debates is, does the changing role of women in society brought pleasure or grief for them. In Victorian age when women came into industries or they had to come due the shortage of male labor. (In world war, large number of man folk had lost their lives). There was also a question of survival for women after losing their husbands, and also industrial revolution had come into existence. Cheap labor was the need of industrial revolution, and middle class women were ideal in this situation. As one can read the white slavery in this context, how factories owner took advantage of